Application Examples - Axial Flux Motors
Application examples with Model Files available.
Axial flux motor
An axial flux motor is different from conventional electric motors due to the different path of the magnetic flux. In conventional motors the flux flows radially through the air gap between the rotor and the stator. However in this motor the flux flows parallel to the axle of the motor. This type of rotor is often referred to as a pancake rotor and can be made much thinner and lighter than other types. When quick changes in speed are required, axial flux motors are an ideal choice.

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Axial flux disk induction machine
View the capabilities of the 3D Transient with Motion solver in a unique and truly 3D machine - an axial flux disk induction machine. The flux flows parallel to the axis of the rotor. Currents are induced in a flat disc-shaped aluminium rotor element. The 3D Transient with Motion solver was used to model both a run-up to synchronous speed and also to create a torque-speed curve. This particular machine (built and tested by the University of Bath, UK) provided the opportunity to compare the Simcenter MAGNET results against measurements made on the real device, and to also show the accuracy and value of simulation with Simcenter MAGNET.

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