Software Products for Electromagnetic Design

Simcenter Motorsolve
Simcenter Motorsolve is the complete design and analysis software for induction, synchronous, electronically and brush-commutated machines, using a template-based interface that is both easy to use and flexible enough to handle practically any motor topology. It simulates machine performance using equivalent circuit calculations and our unique automated finite element analysis engine. Typical FEA operations, such as mesh refinements and post-processing, are not required as MotorSolve handles these for the user.
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Simcenter MAGNET
Simcenter MAGNET is a powerful 2D/3D simulation software which engineers and scientists worldwide use for the design of motors, sensors, transformers, actuators, solenoids or any component with permanent magnets or coils.

Be more efficient. Virtual prototyping can save both time and money. Multiple configurations can be explored quickly, providing insight into performance for design improvements which reduce costs.
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Simcenter SPEED
Simcenter SPEED software supports engineers in virtually validating design choices via detailed analytical simulation, quick and smart usage of 2D finite element magneto-static analysis. It includes all necessary theoretical and physical models for a rapid e-machine design with a flexible approach and a seamless interface with links to even more precise and detailed electric machine analysis and simulation such as multi-physics 2D and 3D Finite Element/Finite Volume (FE/FV) magneto-static or magneto-transient, thermal, mechanical or vibro-acoustic.
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TrafoSolve is an easy and logical interface to the Simcenter MAGNET Suite, and allows users to input transformer characteristics quickly and obtain transformer relevant solutions efficiently.
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Surge arrestors can be modelled using the Simcenter MAGNET Electric design software
Simcenter MAGNET Electric
Simcenter MAGNET Electric is the leading 2D/3D electric field Design software tool. Designers can easily model the most complicated devices and accurately predict their behavior. Based on finite element analysis methods, Simcenter MAGNET Electric solves static, AC and transient electric field and current flow problems. It uses the same interface as Simcenter MAGNET, so is very easy to learn.
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Heating of a power transformer modelled using Simcenter MAGNET Thermal design software
Simcenter MAGNET Thermal
Simcenter MAGNET Thermal simulates the steady-state and transient temperature distribution of specified heat sources. Coupling with other parts of the Simcenter MAGNET Suite, it provides accurate electromagnetic-thermal analysis for devices such as electric machines (motors and generators), transformers, induction heating, surge arrestors and dielectric heating.
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User Interface for an Optimisation process using the Simcenter MAGNET Design Optimisation software module
Simcenter MAGNET Design Optimisation
Simcenter MAGNET Design Optimisation is an automated design optimisation option to the Simcenter MAGNET Suite. Using advanced and efficient algorithms, Simcenter MAGNET Design Optimisation can find optimal values for different design variables within the constraints specified. The model is optimised in both 2D and 3D domain, which can get to your final solution quicker.
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