Application Examples - Loudspeakers
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Analysing a loudspeaker design
A basic analysis of a loudspeaker design consists of analysing the magnetostatic properties of a 2D axisymmetric design. In certain cases, 2D analysis is insufficient because of symmetry breaking features, for example, segmented magnets. In this case, a 3D model is needed. The same analyses can be performed in 3D as with the 2D analysis package.

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Loudspeaker optimisation: minimal mass with 1.8 T flux density
This example demonstrates the use of Simcenter MAGNET Design Optimisation with Simcenter MAGNET in order to optimise a loudspeaker design based on its electromagnetic characteristics. Simcenter MAGNET is used to compute the electromagnetic fields, and Simcenter MAGNET Design Optimisation is used to find the optimum design as specified by the user's requirements..

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Application Examples - Loudspeakers
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Analysing a loudspeaker's voice coil response to a signal
In this example, we have analysed the voice coil response to a signal by using Simcenter MAGNET's 2D Transient with motion solver. The solver includes coupling to the mechanical equations of motion, so that the movement of a component of a device (for example, the movement of the voice coil) is accurately simulated. The mechanical effects can include friction, inertia, mass, springs, gravitation, etc.

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