Future Events

Infologic Design will be attending a number of events throughout the year. Some of the future events are listed below.

Croatia, Split
We will be exhibiting at the Cigre SC A2 & 6th International Colloquium Transformer Research and Asset Management Joint Colloquium in Split, Croatia.
If you wish to see us during or outside the event, please contact us.
The exhibition will take place on 29 November -2 December 2023.

4-8 December 2023
The closest Training Online Course will be from 4-8 December 2023 and you can already register for it below.

Note: dates can be moved if all registered participants agree.
An individual training for your company can be reserved for more than 4 participants from one company.

How can this course be useful for you?

1) It can help you boost your confidence in using Simcenter MAGNET.

Note: Even if you have been using the software for 10 years, you can still learn a lot of new things from this course!

2) Learn to avoid common modelling mistakes and decrease the simulation time while increasing the simulation accuracy.

In case of any questions you can contact us by e-mail:


Trainers: Dr Matej Brada, Dr Alexandra Tarnetckaia and Mr Konstantin Slabenko