Simcenter MAGNET Design Optimisation
2D/3D Optimisation Software Add-On

MAGNET Design Optimisation (was OptiNet) is a powerful 2D/3D optimisation tool, and allows both continuous and discreet parameter optimisation.

MAGNET Design Optimisation is an automated design optimisation option to MAGNET, MAGNET Electric, and when either or both are coupled to Thermal. Using advanced and efficient algorithms, MAGNET Design Optimisation can find optimal values for different design variables within the constraints specified.

MAGNET Design Optimisation 's useful features include:
  • Continuous-value and discrete-value variables and optimisation
  • Evolutionary-based Stochastic search is very efficient, even for a large number of parameters
  • Built-in and customizable scripts for objective functions and constraints
  • Evaluate the impact of variations in the design parameters.
MAGNET Design Optimisation offers an integrated Automated Optimal Design environment compatible with the industrial design process by meeting the following requirements:
  • Robust
    Independent of the number of design variables, problem type and objective
  • Global Search Oriented
    Identifies the global minimum of an objective function
  • Derivative-Free
    MAGNET Design Optimisation avoids errors by using proper functions and not their derivatives
  • Fast
    Highest possible efficiency with freedom to choose between accuracy and computing time
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  • Design Variables
    • Typically performance requirements, component & physical limitations and production-based limitations amongst other factors
    • Parameters from models in MAGNET, MAGNET Electric or MAGNET Thermal are identified as design variables by MAGNET Design Optimisation
    • Design variables are one of four types
      • Constant
      • Continuous
      • Discrete step
      • Discrete list of values
    • with improved results.
  • Constraints

    • Weighted constraints including absolute type which must be satisfied
    • Model-based and Solution-based constraints
    • Common constraint types are pre-defined
    • User-defined constraints supported.
    • Optimisation Objective

      Optimisation Objective
      • Supports weighted multiple objectives for a design problem
      • Model-based and Solution-based objectives
      • Common types of objective functions are included
      • User-defined optimization objectives supported.
      • Reporting Features

        Reporting Features
        • All attempted permutations are reported as improved, not improved or failed
        • Information reported includes the values of the variables, constraints & objectives
        • Create an animation of the metamorphosis from initial to optimized device
        • View all solutions computed or only solutions.

      A few of the Applications pages specifically cover the use of MAGNET Design Optimisation, namely: