MotorSolve - Thermal Module
Thermal Analysis Module for MotorSolve BLDC and MotorSolve IM

MotorSolve Thermal is the innovative design software for analyzing the effects of heating and different cooling methods on machine performance. Using a robust and highly proficient automated 3D FEA engine, performance results can be based on steady state or transient temperature analysis.

MotorSolve does not require two separate machine models for thermal and electromagnetic analysis. Within just one design environment and using a singular machine model, you can perform both types of analysis. Specify the motor and housing geometry, winding details, losses, materials and cooling type once.

Some of the unique features of MotorSolve Thermal include:
  • Fan, Duct, Contact and Spray cooling
  • Full 3D view of housing and machine model
  • Easy-to-use template-based interface
  • Accurately predict losses
  • All heat transfer paths are considered
MotorSolve Thermal flow chart

MotorSolve Thermal is a 3D FEA-based analysis tool. It offers seamless co-simulation between electromagnetics and thermal physics for machine designers, all within a single interface. Multiple design scenarios can be setup, solved and post-processed in a single model file.

  • Calculate the steady-state temperatures using the losses from the magnetic analysis
  • Perform the magnetic analyses at these steady-state temperatures taking into account the change in material properties due to the change in temperature
  • Automatic calculation of the heat transfer coefficients
  • User controlled over-ride of heat transfer coefficients
  • Steady State experimental conditions
  • Duty Cycle transient experimental conditions

Supported Machine Types

MotorSolve Thermal is an optional module which is compatible with the following electromagnetic analysis modules:

  • All templates in MotorSolve BLDC
  • All templates in MotorSolve IM

Design Parameters

  • Housing, bearing, end plates and shaft
  • Slot liner, wedge and coil separator
  • Detailed 3D end winding geometry
  • Machine mounting
  • Database of materials includes coolants
  • Calculates anisotropic thermal conductivity of the winding

Thermal Physics and Cooling

  • Conduction Physics
  • Natural & Forced Convection Physics
  • Radiation Physics
Supported Cooling Methods
  • Duct cooling and Housing Water Jacket
  • Totally Enclosed Non Ventilated (TENV)
  • Totally External Fan Cooled (TEFC)
  • Forced Convection with Fluid
  • Contact cooling through the flange or endplate of the machine
  • Spray cooling

Waveforms, Fields and Charts
  • Losses for thermal analysis
  • Temperatures for magnetic analysis
  • Temperature by component
  • Duty cycle losses
  • Heat capacity
  • Heat flux
  • Thermal fields


Powerful scripting capability for customization, batching and optimization: All MotorSolve commands can be accessed through APIs. Use this feature with any programming language or ActiveX compliant software (e.g. Microsoft Excel).

Report and Output

  • Design parameters, performance data and summary comparisons can be recorded in an experimental log or report (PDF)
  • Results are easily accessible either with the use of the clipboard or export functionality
  • The summary feature compares two or more designs side-by-side and highlights the differences in design data

xport Options

Data export (as table or chart)